In everything from fashion and culture to history and art, long hair has been included. Long hair has been a physical characteristic sought after by many over the course of time. Although our hair goal is a long, thick head of hair, it is naturally easier to get that kind of length said than done. Not only long hair but their alertness and dedication too is most required. Get hairstyle services at home in Lahore, Luckily, various styles of extensions offer the look of long, voluminous hair – thanks to creativity. We will provide the best parlor services at home in Lahore.

Hair extensions add hair to the hair you already have, either by path or tiny packets. They will help to add length and help to fill out thinner, finer hair. It can offer a glamorous length and improve short or patchy styles by using different types of hair extensions. Using a variety of hairstyles and fabrics, they blend into your natural hair in a range of ways. We also offer hair dye services at home.

What are the different ways to Put in hair extensions?

The type of hair extension procedure the customer prefers will eventually depend on the state of their natural hair. Someone who has naturally dense and coarse, for instance, would require different choices than someone with fine hair. If the hair of the client grows at a rapid rate, they will need further maintenance appointments. Get the best hair extension services at home in Lahore now on one call.

  • Weave/Sew-in:

    This technique takes a small portion of the natural hair of the client and uses it horizontally across their scalp as an anchor braid. Then the extension pieces are stitched using a needle and cotton thread, or sewn into the anchor braid. This makes for hair extensions that are healthy and long-lasting, but they also enable the wearer to have thick hair to cover the base braids properly. It can make the client’s scalp sore and make their weave extensions feel heavy and awkward with an anchor braid.

Weave Hair Extension

  • Tape/Clip In:

    These are the choices with the least natural appearance, but they are also the least permanent. Without completely committing to it, taping or clipping into hair extension tracks will allow the client to try a new look. We will provide you best hair extension services at home. It also helps the client to alter their appearance more often when making more permanent choices. A low chance of serious hair damage is clip-on hair extensions. While other hair extension methods inflict damage that takes years to repair, hair extensions that are taped hair extensions or trimmed have a minimal effect on the natural hair of the customer. However, these approaches still have their downsides. Strategic merging and a lot of personal maintenance are important for them.

Tape in

  • Fusion Bond:

    In terms of time and labor, fusion bonds are the most challenging. They are often the most permanent choice to prolong the hair’s length of the client and increase the volume. Through an adhesive such as keratin, bonds fuse the extension to the client’s hair. Depending on the amount of time and resources a consumer can spend and how professional and committed the hairstylist is, Fusion bonds are made in incredibly limited sections. Fusion bonds are also at risk of extreme breakage and are hard to reverse.

  • Micro Bonds:

    Micro bonds use various kinds of loops and beads to fix the natural follicles in hair extensions. Micro-link, micro-bead, or micro-loop extensions are often referred to as this hair extension technique. To pull hair through natural hair, a small loop is used and a metal bead is then used to clamp and package the extensions to the customer’s hair. For hair extension, this effect may produce a professional blended look, but it has a few drawbacks. The bead bond can produce a slight imbalance over time, depending on the texture and natural movement of the client’s hair. The application of these micro bonds often involves heat, which at the bonding site may harm hair.

Micro ring hair extension


Why do People love to use hair extensions?

Are you thinking about buying hair extensions, but don’t you know whether to make a splurge? You’re curious about what you should do with them in the first place? Most women use hair extensions to quickly get longer hair. There are so many more hair extension uses that make the investment worth it. We will provide every type of hair extension service at home.

This article is for you if you want to learn more about what hair extensions can be used for and their perks. Here we are sharing six different ways to use hair extensions at home. It is used to introduce fullness to your ponytail or messy bun

  1. Use to add volumes
  2. Make thicker and longer braids
  3. It is used to add color and highlights
  4. For accessorizing
  5. To give length

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