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Best Bridal Makeup service at Home in Lahore, Pakistan

It’s a dream of every bride to feel special at her special events. Femingle is here to provide the bride that special treatment with time, love, care, and attention.
The brides are provided with consultancy from day one till the day of their wedding. You can confidently give yourself in the care of our fully trained and experienced Senior Artists as they effortlessly create your dream bridal look crafted with your valuable input coupled with their professional expertise. So make a call, have our best wedding Makeup services at home in Lahore, and make your day more special without any tension.

  • You don’t have to wait for someone special to take you salon or parlor.
  • No wastage of money on petrol or transport to reach the salon.
  • No need to wait for your turn in the queue of the parlor.
  • No need to wait for your turn in the queue of the parlor.
  • All services from waxing service, body massage service, manicure and pedicure service, facials service, makeups service, pre-bridal services to bridal services, and mehndi services hair dye to hair treatments are available at your home
  • Femingle have all kind of makeups like party makeup, smoky makeup, glamorous makeup, soft makeup, engagement makeup, nikkah makeup, bridal makeup, reception makeup. Femingle gives the best salon services at home

best wedding services in lahore

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Nikkah Makeup


Bridal Makeup


Waleema Makeup


Party Makeup


Engagement Makeup


What Services are Included in the Pre-Wedding Package?

Femingle is offering a pre-bridal package to make a girl’s wedding event more special and glamorous. As the wedding is a very emotional event for a girl. The bridal makeover includes so many exhausting jobs like dres’s designer finding, jewelry selection, makeup artist selection. Femingle is a big helping hand for a bridal, providing the best wedding makeup services at home. Before wedding makeovers, the bridal needs some pre-bridal sessions to enhance her pretty looks. Pre-bridal services include:

      1. Full body waxing
      2. Scrubbing / Exfoliation
      3. Manicure & Pedicure
      4. Facials
      5. Hair treatments

Why You Should Go For Femingle Bridal Looks?

On your wedding day, choose your bridal dress and jewelry, and leave your smashing makeup looks on us. Our professional beauticians will help you to select hairstyles according to the nature of your hair and face shape. We all know that wedding is the day when the focus of everyone’s eyes is the bride. Femingle makeup artists have a great experience, they will create nostalgia for you about your bridal looks. You are free to select ubtan, eye makeup looks, hairstyle, although our professionals will help you to select and wear the best. In the end, the crucial process is to set the jewelry and dupatta, that will be wearing with the guidance of expert professionals. So don’t feel hesitate to book your wedding bridal makeup with femingle. We will make your day, Insha’Allah.

How to Book an Appointment for Femingle Services?

Femingle experts will provide makeup services at home in Pakistan. The need is just to make a call or book your appointment by clicking on BOOK NOW. Our professionals will reach you on time at your home insha’Allah. Tell her your suitable place to set up the environment. Don’t forget to give us feedback after enjoying the salon service at home.