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Professional Wax Service at Home

Femingle is an ideal place for professional wax service at home. We have been offering a range of waxing services at your door at reasonable prices. Walk out with silky & smoother skin is the desired of everyone. To remove all unwanted hair from your body is a difficult task despite your daily shaving efforts. To make your body free from unwanted hair femingle offering a variety of waxing services. We have a team of experienced waxing professionals and they are always ready to serve you with great care.

Professional wax service at home

Why You Should Go for Waxing to Remove Unwanted Hair? And What Procedure is Effective for Your Skin?

Waxing inspires a woman when it slows down the regrowth of unwanted hair. When the wax is applied against the hair direction, it penetrates deep in the roots of the hair and holds the hair strongly. Eventually, when we dispatch the wax in the direction of hair it results in more smooth skin. No irritation occurs. It pulls out hair from their roots. Also, it does not damage the hair follicles. If needed, we can apply it the second time for the rest of the hair. It gives the same results without irritation and follicle damage. Moreover, we should apply any essential oil, for example, coconut oil or any moisturizer on the skin after waxing. It will protect our skin against dryness and gives a young look. After some days, the hair regrows and the formation of roots begin with no issues. If one follows this procedure, ingrowth of the hair and inflame does not happen. Usually, hair-free skin takes  3-4 weeks to regrow hair after waxing but it may vary person to person. Femingle professionals are very caring for their clients. You can get a waxing service at home without any hesitation.

On the other hand, if one applies wax in the direction of hair growth and removes against the direction. Its side effects include partial hair cut, causes irritation, and damages hair follicles. When the hair regrows, ingrowth of hair occurs that causes pain, and inflame.

How to Book an Appointment for Femingle Services?

Femingle professionals will provide wax service at your home. The need is just to make a call or book your appointment by clicking on BOOK NOW. Our professionals will reach on time at your home insha’Allah. Tell her your suitable place to set up the environment. Don’t forget to give us the feedback after enjoying the professional wax service at home.

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