Do You Dream to Get Long Nails?

It looks very miserable when you dream to have long nails but it does not seem to be fulfilled. You feel very bad and jealous when you have a look at your friends or other’s long nails whose nails are naturally healthy and long. But for those, it is necessary too, to take care of their nails to protect them from tearing, breaking, and to keep strong.
We feel for you, that’s why we are writing here some good tips for you to grow nails fast and some bad habits to warn you if you don’t skip them your dream to have long nails will never come true.

When your nails are part of your outfir, they become
more than nails. They become an accessory.

Why Your Fingernail Health is Poor?

There occur many causes and effects which stops the growth of nails. It also includes someone’s bad habits that affect fingernail growth. Some of them are here:

  1. Biting Nails:

    Our hands are that part of our body which we use most often. We touch things while doing some work. In this condition, it is very unhygienic to bite your nails. So you should feel guilty if you do this regularly. Stop following this habit at your first thought. Biting nails lead to bacterial infections and as the outcome, nail growth slows down.

  2. Avoid Chemicals:

    Did ever y’all notice? when you do dusting and cleaning at your home. Your fingernails look smeared and dirty. It is just because of that chemical which you are found in cleaning products. These chemicals destroy the health of skin and nails. It also causes dryness and damage.

    Measure: Use rubber gloves while using chemical products, it will protect your skin and nails from damage and helps to grow nails healthy.

  3. Don’t Chip off Nail Paint:

    Do never chip off the nail paint. It may peel off the upper layer of your fingernail. It results in poor fingernails health and damage. Because it weakens the root of your nail.

  4. Nail as Utensil:

    Do never use your fingernails as a utensil or an aided device to peel something like labels, and scrap off. It weakens your nails and may break them. Usually, people don’t realize it when using nails as an aided tool. but if you have a dream of long nails, you should take notice of such carelessness.

  5. Role of Base Coat:

    While applying nail paint, do never skip the base coat. It plays a significant role to protect nails from damage. This base coat works like a protective coat between the nail upper layer and nail paint.

  6. Acrylic Gel/Paints:

    You should not be habitual of acrylic gel or paints. they obviously depreciate the growth of nails. They result in the dryness of the nails.

  7. Nail Polish Remover:

    You should use acetone-free nail paint. The nail paints having much amount of acetone may damage your nails. They cause dryness, chip, and breakage. While you go for nail paint remover, never soak nails directly in acetone. Instead, use cotton buds soaked in acetone to rub and remove the paint. After removing them, wash them clearly and moisturize your hands gently.

  8. Manicure Cautions:

    Don’t allow manicure experts to cut the cuticles too short. it may give the way to bacteria to enter a nail-bed and causes damage to the nail. Try to use personal utensils/tools while going to manicure salon or ensure that they are using properly sanitized tools. It is necessary to minimize the risk infection.

  9. Buy Nail Filer:

    While filing the nails, file in a rounded or square shape, it will protect from tearing and damage. Invest in your filer, buy a fine glass filer or crystal filer. Use it in a very gentle back & forth motion. File the nails in a gentle way according to the health of nails. Otherwise, nails may tear or break. Weak nails require more attention and focus while filing.

How to Strengthen Nails Naturally & Grow Fast?

  1. Intake Vitamins:

    • Vitamin-A:

      Vitamin-A has anti-oxidant properties. It also gives strength to muscles, bones, and nails. Moreover, it gives potential to teeth. Eventually, it helps to expel the toxins from the body. The foods rich in vitamin-A are sweet potatoes, grapefruit, yawn, apples, and leafy green vegetables like spinach.

    • Vitamin-B9:
      Leafy greens

      Vitamin-B9 is also termed as folic acid. It ensures proper cell growth. That’s why it also helps to grow nails. It protects the neurons-nerve cells and helps RBCs (Red Blood Cells) to be healthy. Similarly, it works for natural nail and hair growth. Folic Acid rich foods are leafy greens veg, beets, fish, soy seed, red meat, and many more.

    • Vitamin-C:

      Citrus fruits are abundant with vitamin-c. It helps to improve the immune system. That means it works for inner recoveries. It gives strength to the nails and helps to grow nails. Vitamin-C-rich foods are strawberries, oranges, lemons, tomatoes, and many more. Oranges play a role to combat bacteria.

    • Vitamin-H:

      Vitamin-H or Biotin is essential to boost the growth of skin, nails, and hair. It also gives them strength, hardness, and thickness. Biotin plays a key role to form energy from nutrients. It takes part in metabolic processes like fat utilization, carbohydrate utilization, and others. Vitamin-H rich foods are bananas, mushrooms, avocado, salmon, whole grains, and many more.

  2. Hydrate nails:

To ensure the fingernail’s health and strength, don’t keep them dry. Use these ingredients to hydrate the nail:

    • Lemon juice
    • Orange juice
    • Olive oil
    • Coconut oil
    • Canola oil
    • Petroleum jelly

Tip:  Massage the fingernails or hands with lukewarm oil. If you want to use lemon or orange juice, soak your fingertips in the juice for 3-5 minutes.

What Foods are Healthy for Nails?

  1. Eggs:

    Eggs are rich in amino acids, which is the key element of protein. Our nails and hair are made up of keratin protein. An egg consists of 7gram of proteins. Adults need more proteins so advise them to consume more foods that have proteins like meat, fish, poultry products.
    Eggs also contain biotin. Always use cooked eggs. Raw egg white can disturb the biotin absorption. As we know. biotin plays a role in the growth of nails, and hair. Biotin-rich foods include sweet potatoes, mushrooms, beef liver, seafood, and many others.


  2. Beans:

    Beans are rich in biotin, protein, and zinc. It helps to strengthen the nails and hair. Zinc plays a vital role in the immune system, protein formation, cuts heal, and muscle growth. Zinc deficiency leads to hair loss and nail damage. Zinc-rich foods are oyster, beef, lamb, nuts, seafood like lobsters, crabs, and others.

    Beans to grow the nails

  3. Seeds:

    Sunflower seeds are rich in copper and manganese. They provide nutrients for tissues found in bones and cartilage. You can use it separately or with other foods.
    Flax seeds are abundant in omega-3 fatty acids. They are often used in protein foods. Flax works surprisingly for hair growth and protects from damage. It has anti-inflammatory properties.
    Fenugreek seeds are very beneficial for skin problems and hair problems. They have a list of benefits like rebuild hair follicles, improve hair growth, strengthen the stems, protect from breakage, work against dandruff, and many other benefits. You can use it in extra virgin oils to apply on hair and its fine powder paste with water or raw milk to apply on skin/face.

    Seeds to grow tha nails

  4. Seafood:

    Seafood like salmon is rich in nutrients that boost hair growth, nail protection, and have benefits for the skin. They are abundant in omega-3 fatty acids which help in hair growth and thickness. The proteins help to rebuild hair breakage by the formation of keratin. Seafood work for hair dandruff, hair loss, improves growth.

    Seafood to grow the nails




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