Causes and Signs of Hair Loss:

Hair loss is not always a symptom of something serious but can be a sign of the body’s inability to produce enough thyroid glands, a condition called hypothyroidism.
You should not take hair loss lightly. Hair loss can be an indication of serious health issues, it can be due to mental and emotional stress. In this article, we will discuss hair beauty tips like natural remedies to prevent and grow hair. But firstly, we should know about the causes and signs of hair loss.
Causes of Hair Loss in Women?
Primary Causes:

    • Circulatory deficiency
    • Lack of nutritive elements
    • Hereditary
    • Aging

Secondary Causes:

    • Incorrect diet
    • Chronic illness
    • Chemical treatments
    • Stress
    • Childbirth

Top Signs of Hair Loss?

    1. Thining of Hair:
      Women’s hair loss throughout the scalp. Note the changes in volume and density at regular intervals, like after each one week or 14-days.
    2. Volume & Density:
      To style your hair, the volume and density of hair play a very important role. As well as the nature of hair (like curly, wavy or straight) does also consider while styling. Low density or wider parts might be an indication of hair loss.
    3. Hair Accumulation:
      Check for accumulation on brushes, your pillow, and in the shower. Seek a profession if accumulation increases suddenly.
    4. Scalp Visibility:
      While styling hair, you should notice ‘Is scalp is visible through hair?’. It will tell us the chances of losing hair.

Hair Loss Tips:

Men are not the only ones losing their luscious locks. Women also have problems with hair loss. For many, it is caused by aging, hormonal fluctuations, or the pill. For others, it is the result of work or family stress.
Follow these Do’s and Don’ts and have healthy hair growth.

    1. De-stress:
      Depression, tension, and stress disrupt the hair’s natural growth and eventually cause hair fall. Do yoga, medication, and other calming activities to enjoy a stress-free life.
    2. Sunshine:
      Sunshine stimulates the production of vitamin-d in the human body. It is an essential nutrient that reduces hair loss.
    3. Vitamin-E:
      Vitamin-E oil and supplement are very effective to increase circulation and plays an important role in nutrient delivery to hair follicles. As a result, it helps hair to naturally thrive.
    4. Biotin!
      Biotin keeps hair from becoming thin and frail. Strengthen hair each day by eating biotin-rich foods like carrots, fish, nuts, fruits, and cucumbers.
    5. Signs of Loss:
      you should surely notice hair for the top signs of hair loss, As soon as, it is spotted, it is easy to treat them and prevent hair loss.


    1. Stress Out:
      According to the American Hair Loss Association, stress causes changes in the bio-chemistry of hair follicles, leading to hair loss.
    2. Birth Control Pills:
      Estrogen improves acne and pimples. Androgen increases oil to the skin and enhances hair growth. But if a birth control pill disturbs the hair growth protein-like androgen, it causes hair fall and hair damage. High androgen birth control pills may cause hair loss.
    3. Drink:
      Because of heavy drinking, dehydration occurs in the body. It deprives the nutrients and stability that is necessary for natural hair growth.
    4. Smoking:
      Cigarette has nicotine which decreases circulation and starves the hair follicles that is much important to maintain healthy hair growth. Cigarette has free radicles that may also damage hair follicles.
    5. The Doctor:
      As professionals are skilled to diagnose the root cause of hair loss. So it is necessary to diagnose as early as possible for effective and immediate treatment.

Natural remedies for hair

Hair Thinning Beauty Tips:

There are many causes of hair thinning or hair shedding such as genetics, age, hormonal changes, breakage, and overuse of hair products.

Here are some natural recommendations to stop hair thinning or to slow it.

  1. Keep Scalp Clean: 
    Keep the root of the scalp clean, otherwise, the hair follicle will be damaged and eventually fall out. Use herbal shampoo, and never do over shampoo, especially if your hair tends dry, it may result in breakage and thinning.
  2. Massage Your Scalp: 
    Give time to your scalp, massage, and mask the open follicles, It will help in the regrowth of new hair. Must avoid chemicals shampoo and chemical treatments like dying and perms. These chemical products result in the hair shaft weaker and lead to breaking and thining.
  3. Use Good Products: 
    Many chemical products clog the pores and create problems like follicle irritation, and skin allergies. Don’t brush hair too much, this thins and damages the hair.
  4. Cut and Trim: 
    Firstly you should trim your hair regularly. Secondly, a good haircut is very important it enhances the appearance. Long layers of hair enhance the volume of hair, they look thick and full in density.
  5. Vitamins: 
    Vitamins are very essential in the nourishment of our body. These are the supplements that keep our muscles healthy and boos the immune system to fight against any infection or disease. Similarly, vitamins play a vital role in natural healthy hair growth.
  6. Balanced Diet: 
    A poor diet can lead to hair thinning and even boldness. Eat as many vegetables and fruits as you can, include protein and seeds. Have a balanced lifestyle, avoid stress, focus on relaxation, you deserve it.

Foods for faster hair growth

Add This to Your Shampoo:

It’s normal to shed 50-100 hair from your head each day. but sometimes the number can increase. Follow these hair beauty tips, add these to your shampoo it will definitely work for your hair.

  • Rose Water:
    Just add a cap full of rosewater to your shampoo to soothe dry, itching of the scalp, add shine and spur hair growth.
  • Lemon Juice: 
    It will help to strip away the product buildup that is making your hair look dull and lifeless.
  • Raw Honey: 
    It keeps your scalp healthy, kills bacteria, restores moisture, and adds shine.
  • Essential Oil: 
    Essential oils consequently stimulate hair growth, prevent hair fall, slow graying, and treat dandruff.
  • Aloe Vera: 
    Clean, nourish, protect hair from damage, get rid of dandruff, itchy scalp, and promote hair growth.
  • Amla: 
    Amla has natural nutrients in it that help in stimulating the scalp and prevents hair fall. It nourishes the hair shaft, adds strength to hair, and works as a cleanser for the scalp. Amla consequently prevents dandruff.

Essential oils for hair growth

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