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The best bridal makeup trends for summer in Pakistan

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Bridal makeup is not any shaggy dog story; the right makeup look can intensify your options while the incorrect one, nicely, can hang out with you for the rest of your life. Every bride desires to seem the most effective on her huge day. With a couple of cameras going through the bride from each angle, her beauty recreation ought to get

Best Bridal makeup ideas stunning Bridal makeup looks

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From High shine to airbrush, here's everything a bride must know about bridal makeup Being a bride is not easy. There are so many things going on, like choosing your bridal dress and jewelry, etc. After these problems are sort out, one big thing is to decide your bridal makeup. Nowadays, you can find many

Best Wedding Makeup services at your home in Lahore

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Soon you will be married? If yes, then, first of all, congratulations to you on this big day. And the second thing, how are you preparing for this day? Like all other brides, you will also want to become a star on this day. Surely you will be an eye-catching glimpse of every eye. So,

Different types of make-up look’s you need to know

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With a shift in how ladies throughout the globe have made makeup part of their ordinary necessities, the cosmetic enterprise has visible an all-time growth. New manufacturers are coming out every day, promising better outcomes and making ladies spoilt for preference. There are numerous special cosmetics that paintings collectively to create a precise make-up appearance.

How to grow nails fast?

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Do You Dream to Get Long Nails? It looks very miserable when you dream to have long nails but it does not seem to be fulfilled. You feel very bad and jealous when you have a look at your friends or other's long nails whose nails are naturally healthy and long. But for those, it

How to Get Soft Pink Lips?

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Importance of Pink Lips: A beautiful smile is just a reflection of your soul. And soft beautiful pink lips encourage us to smile more. Lip's condition tells the health story to the onlookers. A smile begins on the lips, widens to the eyes, laughs from the abdomen, but laughter came out from overflowing spirits and

Hands and Feet Beauty Tips

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Hands and Feet Beauty Tips: Hands and feet are two parts of our body that we use a lot but we don't really give a lot of special attention and these two parts of our body are constantly exposed. Our hands and feet are easily destroyed and we can actually suffer from wrinkles as we

Aloe Vera Gel Benefits and Usage

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Aloe Vera Gel Preservation: Aloe vera is a tropical plant that looks like a cactus. It is also known as a kumari, morphed, first aid plant or ghee Kanwar, etc. Aloe vera gel benefits are numerous. There are more than 400 species of Aloe but some of them are only used for medical purposes. Aloe

How to Choose the Right Concealer for the Right Skin?

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How to Choose the Right Concealer for the Right Skin? We are explaining here for those people who have dark circles, freckles, dark spots, and moles on their face and they cannot be masked with makeup or BB cream. There are two forms of concealers including sticks and in liquid form. We should not consider

10 Best tips How to Grow Eyelashes Longer in 2021

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10 Best tips How to Grow Eyelashes Longer in 2021? Why Eyelashes Thin? Eyelashes become thin due to an eye infection, thyroid imbalance, vitamin deficiency, and skin cancer. Eyelashes take almost one to three months to grow, though it is possible to speed up the growth and prevent further eyelash loss. At very first, we