Bridal shower makeup services at home:

A bridal shower is a sort of like a dress and makeup rehearsal for the big day. It is time to check which type of makeup you want and test your beauty artist skills. Femingle is welcome to you open-handed for testing. Hold on! You did not need to come out from home artist come to your home for your bridal shower makeup.

It is such a challenging phase for the artist. Because the Bridal shower is, organized in sunlight. it is an outdoor event. Sunlight will show everything in fine detail. It is challenging also because creating a different look from Engagement makeup and completely; different from Bridal makeup.

Bridal Shower Makeover:

We want something different than the look of the wedding. One, thing which is needed to be clarified. The bridal shower makeup is not done without an expert because it first looks of a bridal. From the base to the color of lipstick, it needs to apply carefully.

Not only bridal it is very necessary for the bridals mate because they are also in people’s attention. Before the event, they also need skincare such as Facial services at home which makes your skin glowing and smoother.

In a Bridal shower, a sleeveless gaon is commonly worn for that the first need best waxing services at home. Bridal and bridal mates wear very light and nude colors. It is a big hurdle for artists that also enhances the beauty of the dress and makes it different from the wedding look.

Femingle offers you the best Bridal shower look in Pakistan:

Below we are sharing 15 of our favorite and unique makeup looks. You prefer red lips, soft Smokey eyes, or bright; colorful eyeliner, and the best party makeup is perfect for you.

  • Cat-eye soft pink neutrals
  • Natural eye + Glossy berry lips
  • Glow shimmery glam
  • Honey eye shadow +bold liner
  • Fall Foliage-inspired hues
  • Bronzy skin+ pink eyeliner
  • Bold red lip
  • Soft Smokey eyes
  • Glowy skin + dark lipstick
  • Bronzy eyes + nude lips
  • Thick liner + bold brows
  • Natural glow + lashes for days
  • Dramatic cat eyes
  • Funky eyeliner
  • Kohl liner+pink cheeks

Not only above our stylers groom you from head to toe from lady’s hair cut services and Nail art services at home. Complete your look is Femingle responsibility.

Outdoor summer event: 

There is nothing more glamorous than the summer outdoor event. When you have perfect make. It can be a little bit trickier because of sweat. And the thing affected most is makeup. But hold on! don’t worry when Femingle is here. Beauty experts come to your venue and turn your worries into excitement through highly experienced skills.

They use high-quality oil control products that can not make your look cakey. Moreover, protect your skin use Hydra Facial before the makeup. And use SPF according to your skin type. Your skin does not become patchy and makes a smooth blender. Use light texture makeup. Before, makeup experts cleaned your skin and can not remove your skin moisturizer. And the makeup is long-lasting and sweatproof.