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8 Services
Hair Trimming Rs:800
Blowdry Rs:1500
Hairstyle Rs:1500
Haircut Rs:2000
Dye Above Shoulders Rs:3000
Dye Up To Shoulders Rs:3600
Dye Below Shoulders Rs:4300
Dye Up To Waist Rs:5000
5 Services
Eye Makeup Rs:1800
Soft Makeup Rs:3000
Party Makeup Rs:5000
Shimmer Makeup Rs:2500
Smoky Makeup Rs:2500
5 Services
Skin Cleanser Rs:1350
Femingle Facial Rs:1500
Skin Polisher Rs:850
Polisher + Cleanser Rs:1800
Femingle Treatment Rs:2500
8 Services
Half Face Rs:500
Full Face Rs:700
Half Legs Rs:750
Full Legs Rs:1150
Under Arms Rs:450
Half Arms Rs:800
Full Arms Rs:800
Full Body Rs:3500
Manicure & Pedicure
3 Services
Femingle Manicure Rs:1000
Femingle Pedicure Rs:1000
Femingle Mani & Pedi Rs:2000
Wedding Services
6 Services
Mehndi Makeup Rs:7500
Nikkah Makeup Rs:15000
Bridal Makeup Rs:25000
Mehndi Makeup + Hair style Rs:10000
Nikkah Makeup + Hair style Rs:3000
Bridal Makeup + Hair style Rs:15000


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