It is not too often, a skincare procedure would be everyone’s favorite. But Hydra facial has built itself a strong place. But how?

Here are some of the main reasons most of our clients prefer Hydrafacial as a part of their regular skincare routines.

  • Immediate results
  • Lifelong good skin
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Gives an overall skincare
  • 6 treatments in 1 session

And of course most importantly ‘the amazing skin benefits. We’ve listed the 10 Hydrafacial skin benefits for you.

Hydrafacial Deep Cleanses Your Skin

For healthy skin, you should clean your skin twice a day with a skin appropriate product. On your daily skincare routine, you probably would have cleansers, tonics, balms, wipes, and ointments. But even if you are following a very strict daily skincare routine, that Hydra facial treatment will show you how much dirt, makeup, or dead skin cells get stuck in your skin. Hydrafacial, with its pore vacuum, deeply cleanses your skin and gets rid of all the nasty parts our cleaners cannot reach. If you don’t believe us, look at your deposit water after your Hydrafacial treatment. After each treatment, the dirt, oil, and other deposits are collected in the deposit jar. You can see everything that has been cleaned from your skin.

Hydra Facial for Detoxification

Your 6 step Hydrafaical treatment starts with Lymphatic Drainage. This part of your treatment is performed with a special glass device that uses very light pressure and long, gentle rhythmic strokes to your skin. It increases the flow of lymph as well as reduces the toxins in your body. Lymph is a clear fluid that is consisted of white blood cells which bathe the tissues. Your lymphatic system is a part of your body’s immune system and it helps to fight infections. The lymphatic drainage step will promote the absorption and movement of your lymphatic fluids and help get rid of toxins, bacteria, viruses, and infections.

Hydra facial for Undereye Puffiness

Tiredness, stress, bad sleep. You can usually read these signs from under your eyes. Undereye puffiness is a condition 80% of the population suffers from at some point in their lives, and in most cases, pretty much regularly. With tiredness and aging, the muscles around the eyes supporting the tissues get weakened. And the skin can get saggy, also causing gaps in the undereye tissues. By the time your lymphatic fluids may accumulate in the space below your eyes. This causes swelling and as we know it, undereye puffiness. With correct pressure points, light pressure, and continuous rhythm on lymphatic drainage, Hydrafacial will help you to get rid of your undereye puffiness.

Hydra facial for Less Congested Pores

We all know acne is caused by bacteria and inflammation stocked in your pores. Sweat, leftover makeup, pollution, and dirt on your skin gather in your pores. When you clean your skin you will always leave some of them left. Doesn’t matter what you are cleaning your face with. You can use special face soap, home use deep cleanse machines or nose strips. You can never reach the deep pore cleanse as well as Hydrafacial. Hydrafacial opens up your pores, prepares your skin to deep suction with exfoliation and salicylic acid. Once your skin gets softened and ready to be cleaned, the deep suction clears up all your pores and leaves with you perfectly cleansed skin.

Hydra facial to Getting Rid of Acne

Even if your skin is not acne-prone or oily by nature, you can still be suffering from acne. As we’ve mentioned before when your pores are filled with swear, dirt, pollution, or any other outside effects; the bacteria start to cumulate on your skin. The more bacteria are collected, the more puss is created on your skin. And when the puss is gathered, it forms acne. There are different types of acne. Such as blackheads or whiteheads which are easier to be cleaned gotten rid of. And there are also other types of acne where the puss cumulates under the skin and is much harder to get rid of. Such as pustule or papules. Hydra facial services at home can help decrease the appearance of your acne, whichever type it is.

Hydra facial for Deep Hydration

As it is in the name, Hydra facial provides a deep moisturizing effect on your skin. On the hydration step, a special solution filled with vitamins, peptides. These customizable serums give your skin all it is lacking for a glowing and healthy appearance. When the serum is applied with the special tip attached to the Hydrafacial applicator, it penetrates the skin deeper and better.

Hydra facial for a Deep Skin Peel

The skin peel treatments help to refresh and renew your skin and appearance. Regular skin peels get rid of the top layer of your skin and clear off the dead skin cells. This promotes your body’s natural renewal process and helps you to have better-looking and feeling skin. Also, it helps skincare products to penetrate your skin better and reach deeper layers. The second and third steps of Hydrafacial are focused on skin peeling and extraction. These steps help you to have younger-looking skin and also help you to benefit more from the vitamins and peptides applied to your skin on the upcoming steps.

Hydra facial for Personalized Skincare

While most of our clients prefer to have monthly Hydra facial treatments as a part of their skincare routine, some of our clients also prefer Hydrafacial as a personalized skincare routine. During your consultation with one of our skincare experts, depending on your skin needs, they can prepare you a personalized skincare plan with Hydrafacial. On this personalized routine, your expert will plan your treatment which can be weekly treatments for 4-6 weeks. And choose the special ingredients for you, depending on your skin concern.

Hydra facial for a Younger-looking skin

There are more than one ways how Hydrafacial can help you to have younger-looking skin. As we all know hydration is one of the key elements when it comes to younger skin and overall skin health. With the special hydration methods of this treatment, your skin will feel plump, healthy, and fresh. Regular skin exfoliation helps you to get rid of the head skin cells and promotes the body’s natural skin regeneration. With the glycolic and salicylic acids applied during your Hydrafacial treatments, your skin benefits from good healthy exfoliation. And lastly, with the lymphatic drainage, your skin will get rid of all the toxins and reach its best appearance and health.

Hydra facial for a Good Skin for Life

Hydrafacial is not just a facial. It answers most of your skin needs and gives you the best skincare you need. We recommend you to have regular treatments for great skin for long-lasting results.