Learning makeup at home is an art that has been. Basic makeup tips, as with all other forms of art, there is no right order to go about it. Some prefer doing their eyes before. The rest of their face. Some other areas. However, one suggestion that most makeup experts would agree to. Is to cover those regions first that are often the most difficult. And tend to take up the most amount of time in the entire application process. Another rather efficacious tip would be learning basic makeup tips to better achieve. The desired look, and with minimal inconveniences.

The layering technique helps you blend your makeup. Better, ensuring that you get more natural. And refined look and all of those cosmetic products. Being applied does not result in your face looking cakey in the end. There are certain steps that you need to follow so that your makeup blends in perfectly with your skin. And doesn’t come off as freakishly unnatural. Most importantly, it is of crucial importance. That you use quality cosmetics for your makeup. Right from the brush to the foundation and your mascara. The products do not need to be outrageously priced. Only made with good quality and non-toxic ingredients. Investing in the right tools. And products can make a world of difference to your appearance and do perfect makeup at home.

Moisturizer and primer

It is of the utmost importance that your face is moisturized. And well hydrated before you apply any makeup onto it. A hydrating cream, in this regard. Works excellently since it even helps all the following products. Blend into your skin better.

Then apply a primer, as it not only helps your face stay hydrated. It also enables your basic makeup tips to stay on for much longer.

Apply foundation

The foundation is one of the most essential elements of your makeup. When correctly applied. It can help provide your face and neck regions with an even-toned, natural appearance. Use a foundation brush, preferably white-tipped, to apply the foundation to your face. Foundation, fundamentally, is of three types viz. liquid, powder, and cream. Makeup for Sensitive Skin who do not wish to use too much of it. It is recommended that you only apply the foundation to regions you wish to even out.

And leave the rest of your face foundation-free. It is also important that you blend it well with the neck regions. So that your face makeup doesn’t come across as out of place with your neck. A quick tip, you can always use the primer to break it down. The opaque foundation makeup makes it appear clearer and blends better.

Concealing with a concealer

Just about everyone thinks they’ve got certain flaws. With their face, especially with regards to dark circles. And while accepting one’s flaws is a great thing to do, concealing them doesn’t make you overtly vain either. The second step of how to do makeup at home is learning to apply concealer to the problem areas. Especially in the form of a triangle below your eyes. This triangular application helps conceal your dark circles. While making your skin appear more naturally even-toned. And drawing attention to your eyes.

Blush, contour, and highlight

Highlighting and contouring are quick. Easy processes that help in taking your makeup services at home to an altogether new level. Apply the highlighter, cream or liquid-based, to your cheekbones, and brow bones. Your chin before you swipe the contour on your cheeks and forehead. And along the sides of your nose. Take care to ensure that the contouring doesn’t get too muddy. And use an angled brush to blend it all in perfectly.

Apply the blush onto the apples of your cheeks, extending upwards to the temple region. Between the blush, contour, and the highlighter, different Femingle makeup experts. Recommend different orders of application. While learning how to do makeup. Use the order that you’re most comfortable with and one that is most apt for the occasion. Some prefer to apply the blush before the highlighter. Especially if the blush is shimmery enough by itself. If you’re using a powder blush. Do not ever apply it over a liquid foundation since doing so will cause streaks. Making it extremely difficult to blend in.

 The time for eye makeup

Some prefer to do the eye makeup before the blush, and contour. And highlight routine but it works just as well towards the end. Fill in your brows using an eye pencil before moving on to the eye shadow. Apply an eye shadow shade of your choice and then use a blending brush, preferably a nice fluffy one. Dust a softer shade onto the crease and blend outwards.

Give your eye makeup the requisite finish with eyeliner or mascara. Use a very fine-tipped pencil for the waterline and a stiff. Angled brush for the lids. The eyes are one place where you can show off your creativity. So go ahead and put your creative cap on and don’t limit yourself. While learning how to do makeup at home.

Luscious lips at last!

The lips makeup, with the possible exception of the eyes, is. Perhaps the most noticed aspect of your makeup. For a quick fix, apply a red, rosy (or any color of your choice) lipstick. Using a lip brush and you’re good to go. If you’ve got more time.

Covering the entirety of your lips with a lip liner. And following up with a layer of liquid matte lipstick of the same color works wonders for your lips. Finally, use a setting powder or spray to these Basic makeup tips to help keep your makeup. In place for longer and you’re all set to paint the town red.