A lot of you must be thinking about how to keep your eyebrow, upper lip, and facial hair in check during busy days. Don’t worry, if you can’t step out of your home then you can try getting rid of unwanted hair at home. We asked beauty Femingle experts to Remove Unwanted Hairs at Home. And suggest some easy ways to get rid of facial hair at home.


It is been more than a month that we are stuck at home and can’t seek professional help to get rid of eyebrow hair. Tweezing is the easiest way to remove extra eyebrow hair when you can’t thread that hair. Using a plastic or a metal plucker, you can pluck out that hair at home. If you wear contacts or spectacles then make sure you wear them before you start tweezing your hair. Make sure there is enough light in the area where you plan to tweeze your hair Remove Unwanted Hairs at Home. You need to tweeze your hair in the direction of your hair growth. Tweeze it gently. Use some powder or aloe vera gel on your eyebrows before tweezing your hair. This will soften your hair and it will be easier to pluck your hair. Use toner or aloe vera gel after tweezing hair. It is important to close the roots. You can use some ice if you don’t have toner or aloe vera.


Bleaching is another easy way to reduce the appearance of unwanted hair on your face. If you don’t have bleach at home then you can use 20% hydrogen with milk powder as a bleach. You can also add 20-volume hydrogen to besan or gram flour. The combination works like bleach. Using soap flakes, soap powder (prepare by grating soap) with hydrogen also works well.

Wax Strip

If you have really hard hair growth on your face then get wax or wax strips from a chemist. Essentials are available at shops and you may get these. If you have blackhead removal strips at home then you can use them to remove your upper lip hair. You can also use doctor tape or white tape to remove unwanted hair. However, you shouldn’t be doing this if you have sensitive or allergic skin. Apply some powder to the upper lips and then place a piece of tape on it. Pull the tape in the opposite direction of your hair growth. You can also use a band-aid to remove upper lip hair or chin hair at home and enjoy waxing services at home.

Homemade Wax

Take some sugar in water. In a pan, mix to make syrup. Squeeze 1/2 tsp of lemon juice into it and mix the two ingredients well. These two work as your homemade wax. When the mix is lukewarm then apply it to your skin to remove unwanted hair. Apply it to the area and pull in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Make your body hairless and smooth: 

Who doesn’t like having skin as smooth as a newborn baby? For this solution, Femingle Introduces waxing services at home. Women are lucky in this aspect. That they have so many ways of effective hair removal to shamelessly give themselves. That silky smoothness that they all crave.

Having body hair is normal, but that doesn’t mean one keeps an abundance of it. Over time, women have devised ingenious. And painless ways of removing unwanted hair from their bodies. Techniques such as threading, shaving, waxing, laser hair removal, epilators, etc. Have all sprung up recently with multiple hair removal options available. Today to Remove Unwanted Hairs at Home.

With more awareness and knowledge. Women have started to focus on the health of their skin as well as their appearance. For instance, skin that looks like silk, but feels like burlap is a big no-no. Hence, fruit wax made its debut in the world of hard and soft wax. Even the name itself sounds healthy.

Benefits of waxing services at home :

Wax is like hard wax and removed without the use of any cloth or spatula. It is full of antioxidants like plums. (loaded with potassium), pomegranate (anti-aging) berries (skin softening). And cranberry (moisturizing) not only remove the hair but also exfoliate the skin at the same time.

Waxing for Sensitive skin:

It is ideal for people who have sensitive skin. This type of wax does not leave marks, rashes, red bumps, or irritation. Which is normal with other types of wax. It is nutritional for the skin as well as contains vitamins. That leaves your skin feeling hydrated and plump, just like a baby, and easy to use at home.

Waxing is better than other hairs removal methods:

Waxing is the most effective form of hair removal. As you are getting the entire hair patch pulled out from the root. Leaving no “blue shade” on the skin that comes from the hair follicles left behind. Like in the case of threading or shaving. With time, the hair follicle becomes thinner, making the hair growth weaker. And lighter, eventually leaving the skin virtually hair-free Remove Unwanted Hairs at Home. While it has all the pros of being a nutritional form of hair removal. It has some cons which are expected and most of all, acceptable. With a good quality product, one must also pay the price. Fruit wax is costlier than regular hard or soft wax. As the results will show you, it is a far more effective option in both terms of giving. The required result with an extra cherry on top (healthy skin).

Fruit waxing is best for the special parts:

Fruit wax, like all hard wax, is used mainly on the face, bikini line, and armpits. These areas are the most sensitive to our bodies. And if one must put a substance on those areas to rip out every follicle of hair, then, we must choose the right sort of wax. Hence, fruit wax with all its health benefits has beautiful results. And zero side effects are by far the most effective form of hair removal with no red rash bumps to show for our trouble.

For many women, removing hair from the underarm area is part of the daily routine. With waxing a common choice here. While underarm waxing services at home make your underarm area hairless. And can help keep it looking beautifully clean and clear. It doesn’t remove hair from the root. And can even stimulate hair growth in the armpit. Meaning more regular treatment is needed. Shaving can also irritate the underarm area. And in some instances leave a stubble-like effect that can sometimes be noticeable. This leads to many women seeking an alternative to shaving. Waxing now becoming one of the most popular ways to look after your underarm area.

Now Femingle makes it more comfortable for you and provides you with all salon services at home.

What is waxing?

Waxing is a form of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root. New hair will not grow back in the previously waxed area for two to eight weeks. And almost every area of the body can be waxed. When getting your underarm area waxed, regular. Waxing reduces the growth rate of hairs. In between treatment sessions. Something alternatives like shaving aren’t able to do.

Why should you get your underarm waxed?

The hairs under your arm can be very noticeable. Even when short particularly if you have darker hairs growing in that area. This means regular treatment. And maintenance of the area is needed. And waxing helps to increase the time needed between each treatment session.

When should you wax your underarm?

There are several reasons that you may wish to start waxing your underarm area. The most common include:

Reduce the need for shaving:

Shaving of the underarm is a much more frequent treatment for underarm hair problems. Time is the biggest benefit to use waxing over shaving although the result is also a much better one. You should aim to wax your underarm area every 2 – 4 weeks depending on the growth rate of your hair. Shaving on the other hand can be a daily task for many,

Remove underarm hair:

Waxing will remove your underarm hair, pulling it out by the root. This is something that shaving is unable to do as well. As there may still be some small hairs remaining in the armpit depending on the type of blade you use. Think of the “4 o’clock shadow”! Waxing removes the hair, shaving just cuts it shorter.]

Prepare yourself for special occasions:

Think weddings, formal events, and even the all-important Christmas party night. These occasions often require a sleeveless or strapless dress. Meaning your underarm area is going to be on show due to Remove Unwanted Hairs at Home. Having some sign of hair or a stubble effect on the underarm can impact. The confidence of many women on occasions like this. So waxing will provide you with a clean and smooth finish. Perfect for swinging those arms up in the air and hitting the dancefloor