From High shine to airbrush, here’s everything a bride must know about bridal makeup

Being a bride is not easy. There are so many things going on, like choosing your bridal dress and jewelry, etc. After these problems are sort out, one big thing is to decide your bridal makeup. Nowadays, you can find many ideas for bridal makeup but selecting the one which will make you feel and look like a million bucks on your big day is a jittery thing. But even you are not a professional, but you must think about what makeup look will suit you. While fancy a particular look, you may have to consider certain things like whether it will be suiting your outfit, event, and skin type.


To get your perfect look, you have to keep in mind all possible options present. That’s why Femingle loves to share some bridal looks, styles, and salon services with you to select one of them at your doorstep.

Different Makeup looks offers a Diva-look like and can be range from gorgeous to glamorous. So here are some trendy bridal makeup looks for you.

HD makeup or High Definition makeup- Uneven, Blemished skin

High definition or HD makeup is what we commonly see people wearing on our big screens or TV. Through HD makeup, you can feel a more natural look. It generally removes your skin imperfections without making your face look blurry while when compared to the standard finish.

High Definition makeup

At your wedding, you will constantly be moving and getting your pictures taken with your partner. So, here you don’t want a makeup look that will pop out your skin imperfections with the camera flash and, you want something that lasts throughout the event. High definition makeup technique uses sheer makeup which, hides your lines and creases from your skin, especially from your face. Thus, it makes your skin flawless and the camera ready for hours together. Another best thing about this makeup is you look natural and don’t feel heavy both with on and off camera. Simply it keeps your skin looking fresh, young, and radiant the whole day.

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Airbrush- Healthy skin Bridal makeup

Airbrush makeup doesn’t use traditional makeup application tools like sponges and brushes, whereas it’s painting your makeup with an airbrush. It makes you look flawless by creating a layer of makeup with a gentle smooth finish. It usually feels heavy when the weather is humid, but the main thing is it lasts for hours. 

There are many makeup brushes products in the market for brides to do airbrush makeup. The artists use sleek brushes for eyes and broad brushes for cheeks. Airbrush makeup has probably the most smooth and flawless look as compared to other types of makeup looks. If you have dark spots, blemishes, and complexion differences, then it will cover all those issues without looking cracky and unnatural.

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Mineral makeup- sensitive skin Bridal makeup 

Mineral makeup contains chemical-free cosmetics for your makeover. Minerals such as oxides, zinc, and talc, are ground and milled into small particles to create this makeup. It doesn’t contain any oils, waxes, and fragrances found in other cosmetics. Because these things can harm and damage the sensitive skins. For the improvement of sensitive skin, Mineral makeup recommends by skin specialists.

Mineral makeup

The popularity of mineral makeup is growing day by day among brides. Nowadays, brides with sensitive skins prefer mineral makeup because this makeup doesn’t cause any damage or harm to the skin. Its chemical-free makeup cosmetics are as beautiful for a bridal makeover as other types of makeup without any compromise with skin health.

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Shimmer makeup- sparkly and shimmery 

Another idea for your big day is shimmer makeup. As the name suggests, it’s the combination of sparkly and shimmery cosmetics that captures everyone’s attention with a classy look. It includes glitters and metallic shades for the extra eyes twinkle. Shimmer makeup is applied to all parts of your neck, shoulders, face, and collar bones to highlight your features.

Shimmer makeup

It creates magic, no matter what attire or occasion. Most brides prefer shimmer makeup because it completely transforms their look from gorgeous to glamorous and ordinary to stunning. Its extra sparkling touch makes you shine and stand out among others. Femingle highly suggests this on a special occasion like a wedding. 

Matte Makeup- A Combination of oily skin 

Last but not least Matte makeup of all the other types is no doubt the most popular. It’s a void of any shine, excess oil, and radiance. It has a more velvety finish with a powdery texture that pulls light inward. It can be made dramatic for your special occasion. Matte makeup will allow you to try some hues and bold colors without taking away your natural look. It’s perfect for all types of weather as well as subtle and bold too. It’s great for all-day and for every occasion, especially for a wedding. 

Matte Makeup

Matte makeup comes with many options to create a stunning bridal look because of a wide range of hues and colors. 

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