Soon you will be married? If yes, then, first of all, congratulations to you on this big day. And the second thing, how are you preparing for this day? Like all other brides, you will also want to become a star on this day. Surely you will be an eye-catching glimpse of every eye. So, If you are searching for wedding makeup services at home?

Being a bride is a complicated thing. How? Because there are so many things managed by one person, within a short time is not easy. With so many emotions running, there are many things like wedding makeup, dresses, and jewelry, etc. All of these things need to be sort out before the wedding day. Searching dress designer for bridal is not a big problem these days. But, a wedding makeup artist search gives you a headache. The process is too time-consuming. So yes, because of so many things, brides end up being moody, anxious, and fussy, which are at other times. In this blog, we are discussing wedding makeup services.


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Femingle Wedding Makeup services with no hassle 

Wedding functions are not just get-together. They are emotions for every exciting girl. Every bride wanted to be best so that to make a memory. But the question arises how the bride makes herself best. Femingle provides you answer by giving you the best wedding makeup services at home in Lahore. You can hand over all your makeover to Femingle.

You handle the dressing; we will manage your beauty and flash. Femingle is the best wedding makeup service that ever existed.

For a bride who wants to be the best, we make her the best. The days of the wedding for a bride are more important than every single day in her life and, Femingle makes that day outstanding for her.

We created a team of an artist, who is an emotional healer too. They know, what a bride thinks to be pretty and what is the importance of these days to her. They wipe out all your worries by accepting your worries as themselves.


Serve Yourself with the best Wedding Makeup Services in Lahore. 

Femingle brings the best wedding makeup to your doorstep. All parlor professionals are well trained and will create magic on your face for your special day. Our parlor makeup services at home will be left everyone spellbound. The fantastic thing about Femingle is, you do not have to decline your home comfort by stepping outside your home to look pretty yourself. Our professionals will come over to your place to provide their best services on bridal. 

There are different types of wedding makeovers. So, you will be free to choose what you want for your special day. You have two choices, the dark shimmery eyes or holo eyes. You have to pick one as per your comfort. When it comes to your hairstyle, our technicians will also help you decide which one will suit your makeup. They will also consider face cut and dress for the recommendation.

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But here, one thing is that you also feel free to suggest your desired makeover. Do not worry Femingle makeup artists are active listeners. Another thing is the setting of dupatta and jewelry. The beauticians will handle this with care. Relax they, will do everything to make your day special.

Before getting into the days of the wedding, there are some pre-wedding tips and recommendations for makeup that should be considered by the bride, to make her wedding very special. These will help them and the artist to make you more emphatic and prominent in your wedding.

Femingle Pre-Wedding Makeup services and tips for every bride should read through.

  • Don’t forget to hydrate yourself. 

Start drinking fresh juices and enough water if you don’t want to look dull and gloomy on your special day. Yes, be warmed all day. It is the same as breathing. Cheap or expensive, no makeup settles well on dry and dehydrated skin. So, take this one very seriously as a pre-wedding tip.

  • Pre-plan your look

Always research what you want on the wedding day. Be sure of how you want to look on the day. Be clear about your hairstyle, dresses, and makeup. Capture photos or take screenshots. Do everything to finalize your look, and do not change it. Pre-planning will save you from a last-minute panic situation.

  • Avoid too much shimmer.

Try to avoid too much shimmer on your face if you don’t want to look like a disco ball. With a shimmery dress and sparkling jewelry, shimmery makeup doesn’t look attractive. If you like shimmer and glitter too much, try to apply little on your eyelids and your cheekbones. And that’s it!

  • Prefer Fake but quality eyelashes. 

Femingle recommends fake eyelashes, at least for your wedding day. Fake eyelashes make your eyes more prominent on a big day. This type of effect is impossible to achieve by applying mascara only. One thing is to do satisfied that always use the top quality and brand glue to bind original lashes with fake ones.

  • Avoid too much powder on your face.

People nowadays are obsessed with white brides, but it doesn’t mean to completely cover the bride’s face with powder. We all know that face powder helps to absorb oil from the face but, its excess can make your face caky look. Use powder moderately if, do not want to scare off your loved ones.

  • Use quality makeup products. 

Don’t compromise. We all know that buying everything at a wedding can be expensive. And because of that, many of us compromise on the quality of makeup products. Do not do that ever! Anything for your body or skin must be higher in quality.

  • Moisturize daily 

Do this daily, Till wedding night. Apply an application of good moisture every night. A moisturizing session not only helps to keep your skin soft but also makes it glowing and bright.


Nothing better than Femingle Wedding Makeup service at home

Femingle brides are best, and there is no exaggeration in that statement. We try our best to fulfill brides’ dreams with homely and high-quality parlor services at home in Lahore. Choose Femingle for a delightful experience. Femingle makes sure that our brides become everyone’s favorite.

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