Salon Services at Home

Salon services at home for which you can enjoy, the cut of your hair, a particular hairstyle. The creation of make-up for a specific need.Any other kind of treatment curative to take care, your hair, or the skin of your face. After a long day of work. After the traffic of the city. The phone calls and the emails never end. It would take a nice deconstructing massage to sweep away all the stress. Femingle gives you the all above and other many salon services at home.

However, if the thought of having to go to a beauty center. And running around for a long time before finding a parking space makes us nervous.The best solution is to have “on-demand” spa or massage services delivered to our homes.

No, traffic, no parking problems, no waiting. In short, more relaxation with the added benefit.we are already at home and we can preserve the effects of the massage for longer.

Massage Services Benefits

If you are thinking of treating yourself to a massage session. And you have a particular curiosity in discovering the countless benefits.They can cause, the main benefits of massages and a detailed list of the most requested ones. Massage can be considered as one of the most requested aesthetic services nowadays.

However, this does not mean that there are still people who are still afraid to request the service. Who does not know what type of massage to request.

Today, there is an infinite number of types of massages in this sector. and here the drama begins. What are the most requested massages? Which type of massage suits my needs? Femingle gives you the all above and other many salon services at home

Massage services

Advantages of Massage Services at Home

The benefits of a massage for the skin and the mind. There are many types of massage that are performed.

This is because each type of massage has a different technique. Some massages are particularly effective at reducing stress and tension. While others improve the immune system or the function of a specific organ.

When the massage services at home are more beneficial. Because nothing is as comfortable as compared to being at home.

  • Muscle relaxation and relaxation

This is one of the main effects of massages. When we put ourselves in the hands of a professional masseur. We relax as we release all the muscle tension accumulated during the day. Thus reducing the daily stress. This type of muscle relaxation is good for the joints and bones. Because in this way they become elastic and with greater agility in movement.

Thanks to all this, the mind feels much freer, less blocked, and well prepared to face the day. The body produces endorphins naturally. This substance helps fight depression, anxiety, and pain.

  • Benefits for the skin

The most noticeable changes can be appreciated in the skin. And its natural improvement a good massage. Stimulates the release of dead cells of the connective system.

And stimulates the pores of the sebaceous glands. In this way, the skin is brighter. And more flexible, able to better absorb all the oils and lotions used for the massage.

  •  Benefits for the lymphatic system

Body massages have an immediate effect on the stimulation of body fluids. Helping the kidneys to eliminate and expel body fluids. All the toxins accumulated in our bodies are eliminated. Due to the stagnation of the lymphatic system.

  • Benefit of Massage in pregnancy

Massage during pregnancy is also called “prenatal massage,”. Which gradually becoming more popular among pregnant women. Women are increasingly aware of the importance that this treatment can have during gestation.

Professional masseurs know the correct posture in which women can stand and how to adapt the massage techniques to the physical condition and gestation period of the woman.

Prenatal massage is considered one of the most popular massages. Useful for reducing stress, inflammation, pain, anxiety, and depression. The massage sessions are personalized and adapt to the needs of the mother. This is why they are more popular.

Best Waxing Salon Services at Home

As you probably already know, waxing is a hair removal method that removes the hair at the root. Through the use of resins, beeswax, and vegetable oils.

This technique proves to be a suitable option. Especially for those who have little time to devote to their beauty routine.

If you’ve never tried it, waxing may seem like an invasive technique to you.

You just need to choose the right variant to get the best results. Minimizing hassle and inconvenience so let’s take a look at the pros and cons of waxing.

Due to your busy schedule, you have no time for a salon. The best option for you is to call an expert at your home.

wax services at home

Comparison of Waxing Products

  • Sugar waxing

Sugar wax consists of sugar, honey, and other natural ingredients. Which is spread directly onto the skin. The wax clings to the hair and is removed with a firm pull. The texture of the wax promotes the opening of the pores and weakens the hair follicles, thus facilitating the removal of unwanted hair. Given the simplicity with which it can be modeled. Our experts give you the best services through which you feel like a queen. Sometimes Skin infections and cuts take place. Femingle experts give you an immediate cure through which you get flawless and smooth skin.

  • Fruit Waxing

Generally, Fruit waxing comes in pre-dosed strips. In addition to simplifying the application, the strips have the advantage of acting immediately. Fruit wax is best for Sensitive skin is also an excellent hair removal method for the summer season. Not to mention the wide assortment of strips currently available on the market. Often enriched with moisturizing ingredients. And available in different formats, to adapt perfectly to any area of ​​the body. If you take waxing from an expert cannot leave scars or no painful effect. Femingle experts turn painful procedures into enjoying and pampering procedures.

  •  Oriental Waxing

Oriental waxing, also known as Arabian or sugar waxing. It is an ancient hair removal technique that does not require. The use of strips. Once layered on the skin, the wax is pulled in the opposite direction to the growth of the hair. Dragging it with it out of the follicular canals. Oriental wax is water-soluble, so it can be removed very easily. However, this type of wax never dries completely on the skin, so it generally leaves no residue. Furthermore, oriental waxing contains a high concentration of sugar. Which limits the proliferation of bacteria and allows them to be reused later.

Mehndi and Makeup Services

At this juncture, the application of Mehndi to the hands and feet. Which is the home to nerve endings in our body, will help calm down the bodily heat and nerve distress.

Apart from this, real henna also soothes and nourishes your skin. Also, while doing the wedding ceremonies, there are chances of getting scratches or skin burns.

For them, the henna that holds all medicinal values acts as the best antibiotic. Other than the Mehndi ceremony at the wedding. Commonly called the Eid festival for Muslims, which is not complete without mehndi. In Indian culture, mehndi is also important for them, such as Diwali, Teej, and weddings.

Importance of Mehndi design

By respecting your rituals Femingle Introduce Mehndi services at home. Mehndi applying is a time-consuming process. You Fed-up sitting on a salon chair for long. So that Book your appointment with us and get your desire mehndi designee on your bed or couch.

Types of Mehndi Designee

There are different Designee exist in the world. Femingle provides not only the following. But also gives many others depending on trends and your requirements.

  • Moroccan mehndi design

Moroccan mehndi designs are unique on their own. Artist gives geometric shapes, lines, curves along with tribal designs. The Moroccan Mehendi designs have their irresistible charm and beauty. Besides those regular Mehendi designs. You can add this one to the list of best Mehendi designs and flaunt your hands.

  • Western-style Mehendi Design

Western culture has also adapted the Mehendi trend. Which is not at all linked with their culture or tradition. However, the henna tattoo in western-style Mehendi is getting immensely popular. From geometrical shapes to all the quirky patterns. Contemporary mehndi designs are worth to try as it comprises of all the patterns and designs.

  • Pakistani Mehndi Design

Representing the values and traditions. Pakistani Mehndi designs include leaves, florals, mosques, mandala designs, domes. And a lot more like paisley patterns. Pakistani mehndi designs are intricate to frame as it has bolder outlines that look stunning and beautiful when designed on hands.

  • Arabic Mehndi Design

Arabic mehndi designs are popular for their unique and aesthetic styling. Along with the perfect blend of bold lines and empty spaces. Arabic mehndi designs and styling are a bit different from the regular Mehndi patterns as it is originated from the gulf countries.