Best Threading services at home

Threading is an antique form of hair removal that has slowly gained popularity throughout the salon. Expert use cotton thread for removing tiny or unwanted hairs. Threading hair removal is easier and more effective than the other hair removal method. Threading services at home is most effective and popular in a short time. The main benefit is removing hairs without using any cream or Gel. Therefore, it is suitable for every skin type and a Miracle for sensitive skin.

Why you should choose to thread over waxing:

  • Long last result (6-10 weeks)
  • Fasting than waxing and plucking
  • No use of chemical or organic cream, gel
  • No redness, bump, and other types of skin allergy

Half Face Threading


Full Face Threading


Full Hands Threading


Threading is a great way to remove facial hair without any harmful effects. It will last longer as well as thin hair grows back and Facial services at home helps to nourished your skin.

Threading services Femingle offer:

We offer many services of threading at your home. You have a jackpot offer to remove unwanted hairs without applying any cream through experts at your place. Whether you only need your eyebrows shaped or required full face threading, our estheticians can give you procedure and want to look what you want! get following services on one phone call.

  • Brow shaping
  • Lip treading
  • Chin treading
  • Sideburn
  • Lip and Brow
  • Lip and chin
  • Face selective (Lip, chin, and brow)
  • Full Face (Lip, brow, chin, and sideburn)
  • Hands and foot fingers

Many customers agree threading is less painful than wax. The logic behind the less pain is removing less hair at once in waxing skin also pulled with hairs. Wonderful! Option for those who use Retina and Accutane. Dermatologist recommended! Many peoples who break out from waxing cannot tend not break out from. Budget-friendly and alternative of plucking or leaser treatment. Eyebrows threading is the basic need of every girl. Threading has a tightening effect while even better results such as stimulate collagen production even when the threading has dissolved, the lifting effect remains. Eyebrows shaping a perfect groomed look especially, for them who wear vial whole face is cover except eyes all the focus is on eyes to overcome this pressure you get perfectly thread thick and full brows in just 30 minutes.

Schedule your appointment now and rid yourself of those unwanted facial hairs! The process takes place under a trained technician. It’s impossible to perform threading, without professionals and most women either they are a housewife or working women not leave their home or working place go to spa or salon for hair removal or other beauty purposes. In, the end hairs around face feel ashamed of the COVID19 has brought the whole world to its knees. But not take the stress. We will come to your place and give treatment and remove your tension for the upcoming weeks.