Nails Art services at Home :

Everyone wants healthy and attractive nails. Nails are one of the beautiful symbols in females. Get beautiful Polished Nail Art services at Home through Femingle. Your beautician comes to your home and polishes your nails with advanced designs. Condition your hands and feet through pedicure and Manicure services at home.

Nails Treatment at Home:   

No more breaks and unhealthy nails our experts guide you with the best hand and feet nails treatment. Nails is the essential part of the body it enhances your look. The industry of nail art grows day by day globally and in Pakistan as well.

Femingle is famous for nail art provide services in Lahore. Our mission is to give you Salon services at home. Every type of makeup, Hairstyling, Skincare, Mehndi Art, Waxing, and many more are at your doorstep. In nails, treatment starts from soaking your hands and feet in warm water which, is a very relaxing process. Remove dead skin through Polishing and remove all unwanted hairs with sugar Waxing services at home. Make ready your nails for art. 

Nail Art services at Home

Nail Art


Acrylic Nails


Gel Nails


French Acrylic Nails


Nail Art is the First Impression:

When we, meeting with someone, the first thing to be noticed is our hands and nails that’s why nail is the essential part for grooming. If your hands are smooth and soft. But in your busiest life, you have no time for a salon, especially for a mani-pedi and nail part. But this time salon comes to your home Femingle is much better from the famous salons of Lahore. No need to get stucked in heavy traffic and waiting for your turn because you have a freelancing Beauty services option.  

You can get underarm waxing services and Full body waxing services at your home. We give you every salon treatment under your roof.

Range of nail art services at home:

Gel nails, Nail extensions, unique nails design, and Beautiful nail paint are only for you at your home. Nail art is very technical work like Mehndi services at home nail art services is also at reasonable prices.

Some designs need a professional manicurist. Nail extension is, used for that type of nails whose growth stops and dry nails. Nails extension looks very beautiful and enhances your hand, beauty.

  • My Kinda Rainbow
  • Chevron in neon
  • Glitterrarity
  • Bahamama
  • Abstract Snowflakes
  • Picasso Did this
  • Mono Chrome
  • Tommy H needed pink
  • Must be artsy
  • Perfect Valentines day
  • Circling Around
  • Blue variation
  • Natural nail color
  • Geometry shape
  • Classic retro polka
  • Aztec art

Gel nail art services:

Gel nail art can not do by yourself. Because it required LED light to cure, to lock the polish and nail shape for long-lasting. Gel polish is more durable than the other polish. It’s not so much expansive art in fact all the nail paint designs either the stone used or, simple are budget-friendly.

Nail art is not especially for weeding and particular event. You can take it casually as it leaves a beautiful impact on you. Most important these, all are at your home. You feel your home is a furnished saloon. Just imagine we make it true for you.