Hair dye services at home

Hair coloring services are ready for a new hair color look and style. Bring your hair life back with dazzling color. Femingle provides you best Hair dye services at home. We have all saloon and spa services at your home. our professional Hair Stylist that understands depth and dimension on all type of hairs.

To create a beautiful look stylist, give you ladies haircut services at home. Looking; for a Balayage, Ombre Babyligts, Partial Highlights, Foilyage, or the trendy Air touch technique? Maybe a whole change of color and styling experts are ready to come to your home for your desire look.

Methods Hair dye services at home: 

  • Balayage
  • Foilyage
  • Ombre
  • Customer Hair color styling 
Hair dye services at home

Short Hair Dye Application


Medium Hair Dye Application


Long Hair Dye Application


Femingle hair artists create your different look from the previous event through Hairstyle services at home. And refresh your mood through the Best hair dye services in Pakistan. Without any procrastination, contact us and book your appointment. 

There are various types of Hair Lightening and coloring by hand services. All the Clint choices on how light you want your hair will determine the best Hair coloring Methods. Our specialist recommends you the best Hair coloring and coloring techniques for your hair. To create the bridal look and Party makeup look must try wedding service at home in which you get a countless option of Haircutting, Hair dye, Makeover, Nail art services at your home. 

Type of Hair coloring:

  • Permanent Hair coloring 
  • Permanent Ammonia free hair coloring
  • Semi-permanent Hair coloring 

There are various types of Hair coloring. Most of the time hair, color is to covers gray and white hair. Other reasons are maybe Color trends, fashion, special occasions, and restore original hair color. Just you need the best beauticians and technicians. All methods are very safe for grooming your personality. These all benefits get at your home in salons it consumes much time because they have to deal with others also due to this Hussle you cannot get attention as much you need due to lack of attention you can not get desire results. Moreover, it is hard to sit on a salon chair for the long term. 

To wipe up all these problems ladies, are starting to color their hair at home. But you are not an expert in doing this. At this moment, Femingle is standing with you and provides you best Hair dye services in Pakistan. You do not need to go out of your home Because your hair expert comes to you.

Types of Highlights and Lowlights:

  • Foil Highlights
  • Frosting Highlights 
  • Chunking 
  • Babylights

Highlights and Lowlights is the process of changing either section of hair or completely changing. 

Best Hair color for you best hair salon best hair coloring stylists at home:

  • Hairline coloring 
  • Half head or full head highlights 
  • Single process hair coloring 
  • Full hair coloring 
  • Ammonia free hair coloring
  • Full Hair color 
  • Semi-permanent hair color
  • Toner /shade for hair 

Contact Femingle Home services salon. For the best salon services at home, looking forward to your scheduling the next hairstyle in your home by our Experts.