Fruit wax services at home:

At this time, there are many methods of waxing. People use many toxic chemicals and machines that damage their skin, but don’t be stressed the solution is Fruit wax services at home.We feel your skin needs the most significant gift of nature, which is fruit for hair removal. Fruit waxing Is the best way to remove hairs from sensitive skin. Fruit wax is essential for the face and body as fruits enrich with vitamins and extra antioxidants. These supplements help to nourish and exfoliate your skin. The main object of fruit waxing is to provide a barrier to moisture loss, prevent physical damage, and delay the browning of fruit.

fruit wax services at home

Full Legs


Full Arms


Full Face




Full Body




Under Arms


Upper lips Wax




Chin Wax


Forehead Wax


Neck Wax


Cheeks Wax


Under Legs/Bikini Wax




The formula of Rica wax services at Home:

Fruits carry vitamins and extra nutrients. This formula is the best for facial hair removal. Due to natural ingredients, it cannot feel irritated. With Fruit wax, you can cover a larger area. And remove hair faster than other hair removals products. It consists of a stiff texture that contains pomegranates which are anti-aging.

Why do you select Fruit waxing services at home for hair removal?

Fruit waxing leaves a thin shiny layer on the surface of the body. Fruit hair removal is beneficial for all body parts.  The fruity product makes your skin silky and smooth. It’s 2 in 1 package which removes hairs. And secondly, nourishing your skin with fruit makes your skin soft and healthy. Magical wax cannot leave a blue shade on the skin by pulling stripes like threading or shaving.

Traditional Methods of Hair removal at home:

Traditional waxing at home is still very popular because every woman wants clean and hairless skin. But every woman cannot afford laser treatment. So, fruit waxing is affordable and suitable for everyone. Fruit wax is hard in texture easy to use without cloth or spatula.

The problem we face in self-Hair removal:

We are facing many problems during the self-hair removal at home. Such as:

  • Wrong selection of product
  • un Experience
  • Pain
  • skin problems like Redness and scratches
  • Infection like bump pimples
  • Bleeding

To prevent the above effects, we need an expert. Offer you Hair removal services at home and underarm wax services at home. Every work has a specific methodology. Experts know the best methods and techniques to make your work superb.

Best Fruit wax services at home:

Somebody parts are not exposed properly, such as the underarms. Sometimes cannot remove hair properly from that particular part. Don’t worry about it. Just discuss with us friendly.

We will give you a better solution. If you are the one who knows nothing about waxing, don’t be panic the best Service of waxing at home is only for you. And it’s a guarantee you will enjoy these services.  Fruit waxing gives your health benefits, the best result, and zero side effects. Just open a website and book your appointment. Here offer you waxing service experts and educate you with techniques and methods of caring for skin after waxing. Priority is customer satisfaction. The whole country is on lockdown chance to get beauticians at home. And groom yourself.