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Natural Beauty Tips for Sensitive Skin

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6 Natural Beauty Tips for Sensitive Skin Maintaining good skin is a daunting task these days. Given the scorching heat and pollution. Few are born with fair skin. But for all of us, especially those with sensitive skin need to put in the hard work to manage bright and light skin. Check out the 6

Best Salon Services at Home in Pakistan | Femingle

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Salon Services at Home Salon services at home for which you can enjoy, the cut of your hair, a particular hairstyle. The creation of make-up for a specific need.Any other kind of treatment curative to take care, your hair, or the skin of your face. After a long day of work. After the traffic of the

What Are the Different Ways to Put in Hair Extensions?

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In everything from fashion and culture to history and art, long hair has been included. Long hair has been a physical characteristic sought after by many over the course of time. Although our hair goal is a long, thick head of hair, it is naturally easier to get that kind of length said than done.

How to get rid of Facial Hair Naturally?

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Do you know about Hirsutism? Hirsutism is nothing but over-the-top hair development on your face or other parts of your body. For the most part, it influences ladies; ponders appear that one in 14 ladies has hirsutism. You’ll be able to have intemperate hirsutism in case the development of hair is thick and dark, and

How to get flawless skin naturally?

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Every woman dream to have perfect, smooth, and glowing flawless skin. But anxiety, poor lifestyles, and carelessness can usually lead to skin pigmentation and crude skin tone. The chemicals and contagions from environmental pollution cause skin problems. The major problem is ever-growing pollution, which resists maintaining flawless skin. It seems almost impossible. Don't you think

How to Scrub Face Properly? (DIY: Scrub)

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How to Scrub Face Properly? Scrubbing is also known as exfoliation. Scrubbing plays an important role to remove the dead skin cells, it also rubs the dirt and sebum from the skin surface, polishes the skin, refines pores, and smoothes wrinkles. Our skin cells become dead overtime to give the space to new cells. So,

How to grow nails fast?

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Do You Dream to Get Long Nails? It looks very miserable when you dream to have long nails but it does not seem to be fulfilled. You feel very bad and jealous when you have a look at your friends or other's long nails whose nails are naturally healthy and long. But for those, it

How to Get Soft Pink Lips?

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Importance of Pink Lips: A beautiful smile is just a reflection of your soul. And soft beautiful pink lips encourage us to smile more. Lip's condition tells the health story to the onlookers. A smile begins on the lips, widens to the eyes, laughs from the abdomen, but laughter came out from overflowing spirits and

Hands and Feet Beauty Tips

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Hands and Feet Beauty Tips: Hands and feet are two parts of our body that we use a lot but we don't really give a lot of special attention and these two parts of our body are constantly exposed. Our hands and feet are easily destroyed and we can actually suffer from wrinkles as we

Hair Beauty Tips

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Causes and Signs of Hair Loss: Hair loss is not always a symptom of something serious but can be a sign of the body's inability to produce enough thyroid glands, a condition called hypothyroidism. You should not take hair loss lightly. Hair loss can be an indication of serious health issues, it can be due