Aloe Vera Gel Preservation:

Aloe vera is a tropical plant that looks like a cactus. It is also known as a kumari, morphed, first aid plant or ghee Kanwar, etc. Aloe vera gel benefits are numerous. There are more than 400 species of Aloe but some of them are only used for medical purposes. Aloe vera works in three stages:

        1. Cleansing Stage
        2. Nourishment Stage
        3. Therapeutic Stage

Allah Almighty made it so unique. Aloe vera gel benefits and usage can not be explained in one article. Here, we are telling you some tips to store it at home so that you can use it in the long run.

“In the world full of roses, i want to be Aloe Vera.
Having the 100 qualities of cure.”                         (Barnali Sinha)


Tip1: Take a leaf of aloe vera plant, and wrap it with polythene wrap from the cut side. and place it in the refrigerator. In this way, we can store aloe vera leaf for up to one week.



Tip2: Take a couple of aloe vera leaves, Peel off it. Separate the aloe vera pulp and place it in an airtight glass jar. Sprinkle few drops of lemon juice in it. It prevents odor to produce. Place the jar in the refrigerator.




Tip3: Take fresh leaves of aloe vera. Wash them and peel them off. Separate aloe vera pulp. Add 1/4 water in it and blend to turn it into liquid/juicy form. Strain out this juice Put this aloe vera juice on flame and stir it slowly. Keep flame slow, medium, and then high. Now add Gallatin powder half or one teaspoon in it. You can also add food color to it to achieve a colorful look. Let it cool. You can save it in an airtight glass jar.

Health Benefits:

It is a natural self-growing plant with numerous benefits. There is nothing more than aloe vera to enhance the beauty of women. From ancient times, Aloe vera has been used in various medicines.

  1. Aloe vera is rich in minerals, vitamins, folic acid, B-complex and more.
  2. Strengthens the immune system.
  3. Reduces the effects of old-age.
  4. Eliminates bacteria.
  5. Protects against cancer.
  6. Strengthens the bones.
  7. It is very beneficial for high blood pressure.
  8. Normalizes the cholesterol, uric acid.
  9. Effective for sugar patients.
  10. Beneficial for joint pains.
  11. Strengthens tissues, has an impact on muscle building.
  12. It eliminates the effect of poison.
  13. Analgesic effect.
  14. Keratolytic – breaks down and ingests dead tissues.
  15. Improves digestion.
  16. Reduce acidity.
  17. Works for weak eyesight.
  18. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, anti-oxidants are also useful to cure arthritis.

Skin Benefits:

Aloe vera gel benefits are countless, but we are pointing out here some of them.

  1. We can use aloe vera gel for sunscreen as a sunblock.
  2. Use as a primer for oily skin.
  3. It has anti-bacterial properties. We can use it as a hand sanitizer.
  4. Vanishes stretch marks, acne, spots, etc.
  5. Aloe vera stream is very beneficial for a sinus problem/flue.
  6. We can use aloe vera as a cleanser.
  7. We can use it as a dandruff remover adding coconut oil and olive oil.
  8. Cure sunburns, burns, and wounds.
  9. It can also be used as a hair styling gel.
  10. Helpful to reduce itching.Warning: Aloe vera is very beneficial but if you see burning, itching or redness on the skin while applying aloe vera gel on the skin. Don’t dare to use it again. It shows that your skin is very sensitive toward it. It does not suit you.AloeVeraGelAsCleanser

Hair benefits:

From the countless benefits, Some of aloe vera benefits for hair are:

  1. Work as a conditioner/moisturizer.
  2. Help to restore the shine of hair.
  3. Control hair shedding.
  4. Ensure hair thickness and volume.
  5. Anti-inflammatory properties soothe irritation and aggravation of the scalp.
  6. Regenerate healthy cells.
  7. Nourish follicles and hair efficiency.AloeveraHairGrowthOil
Weight Loss with Aloe Vera:

Although Aloe vera is very significant in cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, and food products. We are sharing with you, an amazing weight loss drink, that will help you to lose weight and belly fat. This aloe vera drink is 100% effective in losing weight. Aloe vera benefits and usage include:

    • Flat belly
    • Clear & glowing skin
    • Healthy and strong hair
    • Get toned body
    • Improves digestion


Although aloe vera is popular in the pharmaceutical industry. But if you feel stomach pain, cramps, diarrhea, muscle problem, or heart disturbances. Don’t dare to use it/drink it. It shows that it does not suit you.

Femingle wants to share with you the best tips and tricks to be beautiful, look attractive, and have nostalgia. Here we shared aloe vera gel benefits to make hair, hands, and feet beautiful as these are very expressive parts of the body. Don’t forget to share with us your experience while you use our remedies. Femingle give you best beauty salon service at home in Lahore

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