10 Best tips How to Grow Eyelashes Longer in 2021?

Why Eyelashes Thin?

Eyelashes become thin due to an eye infection, thyroid imbalance, vitamin deficiency, and skin cancer. Eyelashes take almost one to three months to grow, though it is possible to speed up the growth and prevent further eyelash loss. At very first, we should not wear cheap makeup products. Here, we are sharing with you some tips about “How to stimulate eyelash growth naturally?” Femingle gives you the best eyelashes treatment at your home.

Eyelid Hygiene:

You should clean your makeup every night before going to bed with the help of wipes, lotion, cream or any essential oil. After rinsing, massage the eyelids with a mild cleanser or baby shampoo and wash with water.

Lukewarm Water:

Dip a piece of cloth in lukewarm water and place it over the eyes, it will keep your eyelids clean and remove puffiness of eyes and soothe inflammation.

Natural Ways to Grow Eyelashes:

Here, we are sharing some natural ways and tips that are describing how to grow fuller, longer eyelashes:

    1. Essential Oils:

      • Castor Oil:

        Castor oil is highly recommended in beauty treatments. Its fragrance is very attractive. Apply it on your eyelashes before bed, it is also known to prevent breakage and stimulate faster and healthier lashes growth as well as hair growth.

      • Vitamin-E Oil:

        Vitamin-E acts as a conditioner to help your eyelashes grow longer and stronger. The moisturizer oils mainly help to protect hair follicles against breakage, as a result, eyelashes grow healthier. It is used in skin serums as well as eyelashes growth serums.

      • Olive Oil:

        Olive oil is rich in fatty acids. It moisturizes and conditions your eyelashes. Apply it on your lashes with the help of disposable mascara brushes or cotton pads. Dip mascara brush in olive oil and brush it onto the eyelashes before going to sleep at night.

    2. Coconut Milk:

      Coconut milk contains healthy proteins. Regular application of coconut milk can nourish and condition your eyelashes. Soak a cotton bud in coconut milk, place it on your eyes. After 15-20 minutes, rinse with cold water and dry gently with a towel.

    3. Aloe Vera Eye Mask:

      Many beauty products contain aloe vera gel, its benefits are countless for skin and hair. We can use it individually or with any essential oil on eyelashes. Apply it on eyelashes with a cotton pad. After 5-10 minutes, wash it with water. It also reduces dark circles because it has a cooling effect.

      Note: apply aloe vera gel gently on your eyelashes, as it can be sensitive to your eyes.

      Natural ways to grow eyelashes

    4. Green Tea:

      There are countless benefits of green tea for hair. We should take advantage of them. Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties. It improves blood circulation and prevents hair loss. It reduces stress and ensures calm sleep. Make a green tea and wait, until cool. Immerse the cotton in it and keep it on eyes for 10-15 minutes. It helps in reducing puffiness, dark circles, and fine circles.

    5. Massage:

      Massage on eyelids improves blood circulation and diminishes eye fatigue. Airbags gently inflate and deflate against sore areas to reduce tension. It also reduces stress in the eye sockets and temples. Massage on your eyelids 5-10 minutes once a day, with any essential oil, so we can get better growth of eyelashes.

    6. Petroleum Jelly:

Petroleum jelly provides the best conditioning and moisturizing effect on lashes, that are dry and brittle. It helps eyelashes to grow longer, stronger, and thicker. The moisturizing effect also reduces fine circles and dark circles. Apply petroleum jell on eyelashes with the help of a cotton pad or disposable/cleaned mascara wand before going to bed.

Eyelashes Extensions:

Eyelashes comprise keratin. Keratin produces naturally in the human body. There are many ways to grow eyelashes naturally. Nowadays, people use fake eyelashes to enhance eye looks. There are three categories of extensions on the basis of composition:

      • Synthetic eyelashes
      • Human hair eyelashes
      • Silk and mink

Synthetic eyelashes are made up of materials like rubber. These are man-made fake eyelashes. Human hair eyelashes are very soft, it gives a very natural look. As it is composed of natural hairs, it does not retain its shape as long. Mink and silk lashes are used for such an intense drama look. It is a glossier. Different animal hairs are used to make it.
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